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The Administrative Court's judgment in the case between
the Swedish Transport Agency and Msec Detection AB is tried
in the Administrative Court of Appeal.


The Administrative Court approves Msec's action against the Swedish Transport Agency in the important question of the validity period for security approval of qualified Swedish EDD companies.


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Maribo AB has acquired Msec Detection AB and Msec Detection AS from ATLD Holding AB.



The Swedish Transport Agency's new term of validity with 12 months for security approval of EDD companies is too short. With the short period of validity, EDD companies cannot maintain the required forecast and predictability. Period of validity of security approval is of critical importance for both EDD companies and the Swedish Transport Agency. The matter will be tried in the Administrative Court.


ATLD Holding AB forms Norwegian subsidiary Msec Detection AS based in Stavanger. The company receives board and CEO with qualified experience from the Norwegian security market. Msec Detection AS becomes sister company of Msec Detection AB.


In September 2019, Msec participates in the program at the "EFEE 10th World Conference" in Finland. At the conference Msec can for the first time present the EU-certified EDD Team in the Finnish market.


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Msec delivers EU-certified EDD Team with function and supervision according to TSFS 2016:1 at OKG nuclear power plant from April 1, 2019.
OKG extends contract with Msec until 2023.


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